ROLE            Landscape Architects
CLIENT         Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited, WITH Nu Living & Swan

THE MISSION  - The proposal involves integrating a new residential development into a forgotten and left over area within close proximity to the centre of Purfleet.  The development is the first phase of the ambitions Purfleet Masterplan and represents the first step in this exciting masterplan.

 VISION - The development takes is design themes from; its located within an area of low quality tree and shrub land; its purpose as a connecter between new and existing communities and the histories and stories that make Purfleet a unique place to live. 

COMMUNITY - The community focus has resulted in a collection of  spaces that allow for passive and active recreation, including play areas, and community interaction between residents. A new play space adjoins existing communities, a woodlands play area retain and reuses the woodland in a creative and inspiration manor.  The community orchard creates a platform for social exchange and community cohesion. New streetscape enhances and contributes to the neighbourhood with mews streets being ‘living and active’ street places.

GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE  - A focus on ecological diversity and habitation creation underpin all new planting and contribute to linkages to the wider green network.

COHESIVE DESIGN LANGUAGE  - The design process established a standardised materials and planting palette and design language that can be replicated across the varying sites and inform future developments, creating an identity for residential developments within Purfleet..