On Thursday 17th December, EA had their annual Christmas Party…and what a celebration it was! The Christmas elves had been hard at work, organising a day full of festive cheer across London, with the Manchester office heading south to join in the excitement.

Not a peep had been made about what was going to happen for the day and the first surprise was the delivery of Christmas Party bags from the elves! Santa hats, sweets, Christmas crackers, the official invite and UV glow sticks revealed the plans for the day ahead! Santa hats at the ready, the office set off from Battersea to Hoxton for UV crazy golf at Plonk! Each staff member brought their own set of skills on the green, some more successful than others. But despite the healthy competition between colleagues, it was Jonny (our Manchester Director) who took home the prize money (chocolate coins nevertheless). Congratulations Jonny!

Insanely crazy golfers

Insanely crazy golfers

After everyone had recovered from the excitement, the Christmas elves rallied the office onto the bus to head south to London Bridge where everyone got into the festive spirit by exploring the Christmas market. Following a mulled wine and a stroll around the market, the office made their way to Balls Brothers Hay's Galleria for the evening feast! Turkey aplenty, the office celebrated another successful year together, including excellent speeches from Leighton and Sam. But the Christmas elves still had a few more surprises up their sleeves. A bambino quiz, where everyone had to match the baby photo to the correct staff member and a staff fact quiz, in which they had to likewise. The quizzes revealed a little more about one another and was certainly a great conversation starter! Full of plum pudding and with the wine flowing, the EA team celebrated the remainder of the night together dancing to only the best Christmas tunes!

It was certainly a Christmas Party to remember and everyone is looking forward to the next outing together!

From everyone at EA, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and look forward to the exciting projects coming up in 2016!