Interns at ExA

ExA have had many interns and graduate placements over the years. This week we have farewelled Sihan Qin from China, who has spent the past 12 weeks working with us as an intern following completion of her Masters of Landscape Architecture at Liverpool University in Design.  We wish Sihan every success in her future career as a landscape architect.

ExA takes on interns and graduates at varying stages of their career paths and are always on hte look out for emerging talent. Another such person was Russell Martineli from the USA, who was here at ExA last year through the summer. Attached and below is a description in his own words of his time with us. Suffice to say we miss you very much Russell! 


"Where can I begin, 

            My name is Russell Martinelli.  I am in my final quarter at the University of Oregon working towards my Bachelors of Landscape Architecture.  In January 2017, I was able to interview with the Exterior Architecture team and was offered a summer internship with them in London.

            My internship started in June and was a 10-week commitment.  Immediately, the team welcomed me with open arms.  My duties and tasks changed day to day during the first couple weeks, which was great because it gave me the chance to see and involve myself with a wide range of things from working in CAD, Illustrator, Photoshop as well as hand drawings.  There was even a site visit.  The office is relaxed, but very efficient.  Each team member was responsible for delegating his or her project tasks with guidance from Sam and Leighton. 

            I think one of the great things that made this work environment so successful was the fact that Sam and Leighton let the each team member work on the different aspects of their projects based on each individual’s skills and strengths. Sam and Leighton both had a great sense of humour, combined with professional knowledge, ultimately creating an extremely enjoyable working environment. 

            Although my time at Exterior Architecture was short lived at only 10 weeks, saying good-bye to everyone was quite hard.  I grew to respect the entire staff and appreciate each member’s patience and knowledge.  Therefore, I left with an overall better appreciation and understanding of how a successful Landscape Architecture firm operates.  Hands down, I got more than I ever imagined and expected and will never forget my summer spent at Exterior Architecture. 

Thank you, Sam and Leighton and the entire team for giving me this memorable and enjoyable opportunity.


Russell Martinelli"



 Anyone interested in an internship with ExA, please email your cv with examples of work to