For the past two months ExA’s Alan Mestrom has been overseeing the implementation of landscape works for Canyon Ranch, a health resort and living community located on the South Aegean coastline of Turkey. The project encompasses a range of conditions, from the naturally vegetated peninsulas and coastline to Hotel, Bungalow and Villa Landscapes.

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The natural landscape rises quickly from the Aegean Sea with large sheets of rock colonised by dense shrub cover, changing drastically with the seasons. Sparse pockets of natural soil and the dominance of rock meant that nearly all planting soil had to be trucked to site. Over 50,000m2 of stone walls were required across the project, with walls and boulders being the only means of providing a soil profile for planting. Softscape works were comprised of over 250,000 plants, 5000 trees, and include an undulating Green Roof atop the Hotel that spans over 6,000m2.

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Working alongside 3000 contractors from various facets of the project provided a unique and intimate insight into what is required for a project of this scale to be completed. Temperatures on site rose above 40°C and were often accompanied by high winds and dust, creating very poor planting conditions. Tight time schedules coupled with the extreme heat meant some areas of planting were not completely realized, however ExA look forward to returning after the summer season for remedial and additional landscape works.

For more info see the Canyon Ranch website http://www.canyonranchdestinations.com/kaplankaya/