ExA’s Mark Coskie joined by team mates Zoe Allen (of Acrylicize) and Zafar Bhunnoo (The Blackstone Group) recently tackled Land Aid's London TowerAthlon challenge with great success. Below is Mark's blow by blow account of the event.  

"The participants, preparing themselves at the bottom of Broadgate Tower, could only hear the sound of their own heartbeat whilst the realisation that 39 floors with 877 steps was ahead of them. They stood like thoroughbreds in the starting stalls, straining upon the start. It was a race against the clock and their time was all that mattered. The difficult ascent would be over in the next 10 minutes.

Coskie started the climb with a steady 3 steps at a time, the trick was to reserve one's energy for the finishing floors but to be keep a balanced speed at the start. By floor 7, 154 steps up and with much help from the balustrade, Coskie was knackered. The sense that someone was closing in from behind to overtake kept him going at a steady speed and pushed him to surpass two contestants. Coskie achieved a time of 6 minutes and 39 second and came 26th out of 63 participants.

The other two activities were an abseil down the tower’s façade and a cycle sprint. The abseil would have made anyone’s stomach turn and this activity was taken on by Allen who laughed in the face of danger. The descent was accompanied by a scream the whole way down! Bhunnoo saddled up on the electric bike and had to cycle as far as he could in 10 minutes, his distance was a noble 4.4km. The team together was ranked 33rd out of 71. Well done team!"

In the weeks leading up to the event teams were given the task to raise money for a well worth charity, LandAid. LandAid aims to improve the lives of young people across the UK who are disadvantaged due to their social or economic circumstances. We are pleased to report that the team raised £500 for this fantastic charity. Well done to all involved and a huge thank you to everyone who supported the team.

ExA will be on the lookout for new team members when the event returns!