talbot mill

ROLE             Landscape Architects
CLIENT          Capital & Centric
STATUS         In planning

INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE   Exterior Architecture have designed the landscape for the redevelopment of Talbot Mill in Castlefield, Manchester. The historic mill buildings lie within Castlefield Conservation Area putting an impetus on the design team to preserve the original character of the site. Within the cobbled courtyard a Timekeeper’s Cottage is an unusual focal point for the design.

DESIGN LANGUAGE   The courtyard is conceived as a garden with a lush and green vegetative aesthetic. Carefully selected planting is interspersed throughout the space to provide interest, increase biodiversity, frame views and encourage exploration. The existing Timekeeper’s Cottage will act as a focal point within the courtyard and connect to a raised platform that provides height and shelter. The selection of materials and components within the landscape will respond to the existing industrial heritage character of the mill buildings. The boundaries
between the hard and soft landscape are blurred to reinforce the soft garden charater of the space.