Sydenham Timber Yard, Poole

Role           Landscape Architects
Client         Atlas Partners


ExA are working on a proposal for a mixed-use development in Poole, South England. At its heart is a new, central marina which draws the harbour – a key feature of Poole – into the site. The new Poole marina will provide an exciting public realm offering on the western side of Upton Lake. Bold forms create leading lines within the ground finishes, drawing the eye to both the waterside and key architectural features.

WATERS EDGE   The Masterplan allows for many public routes through the site and around the newly provided marina, allow the proposal to knit into the existing context. The waterside edge is completely accessible, allowing views across the water to Poole Town Centre. Strategic trees frame key views and create focal points within the plaza.

GREEN AND BLUE INFRASTRUCTURE   Enhanced green and blue infrastructure within the proposal through careful consideration of native species of both flora and fauna link the site to the exiting natural context. 

FORM AND TEXTURE   Form and texture are prevalent within the landscape design, drawing on the rich creative history of Poole, and ensuring the new marina is well embedded into the local context.