stepstile meadow

Role             Landscape Architects
Architect     Studio Reed
Status         Built


SCOPE   A country estate with a seven acre garden and terrace area. Creation of a formal garden with associated parklands, wetlands, and revitalisation of the pond system.

HABITAT PROVISION AND PRESERVATION  The proposal is considerate of both how existing habitats might be preserved and improved, well as where and how new valued habitat areas might be created. The proposal focuses in particular on preserving habitat areas for the ‘greater crested newt’ species. An enlarged natural water body with an ornamental water feature connects the wetland 500m long stream.

WATER SYSTEM   All water bodies design and maintained as untreated water systems and bio ponds created for both ecological and recreational usage. Brown and grey water harvesting and recycling are integrated through SUDS systems, including through the formation of reed beds and natural drainage systems.