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SkyCycle is a sustainable and egalitarian transport solution developed for London by ExA director Sam Martin and senior landscape architect Oli Clark. Working on this proposal since 2012 with Foster + Partners and Space Syntax Sam and Oli then presented it to London Mayor Boris Johnson and Sir David Higgins of Network Rail.
SkyCycle is a London specific solution to the increasing need for providing more network capacity for a transport network that is already under severe pressure. With the population of London looking to exceed 10 million by 2030 and more and more people travelling to and from work in the City SkyCycle offers network capacity equivalent to Cross Rail 2 for a fraction of the cost and creating a new network for London. Building 220km of a 20m wide dedicated cycle and pedestrian network above Network Rail track throughout London would be a significant step towards future proofing London’s transport needs and allowing all of citizens the right to get around their city. Still in pre-feasibility this is an ever evolving project that is well worth watching out for.