Role            Landscape Architects
Architect     3DRied
Client          Project 1898
Budget        £6,000,000

SCOPE   The project for redevelopment of The Royal York Hotel in York presents an opportunity to review the wider hotel grounds, and address some of the existing landscape issues including car parking and access across the site.

KEY INTERVENTIONS   A central driver for the proposal is improvement of the hotel’s historic facade and restoration of the gardens it overlooks. Further areas of focus include the creation of a landscape setting for the new bedroom extension, improvements to the visual appearance of the existing conference centre, mitigation against the loss of a number of mature trees, the create a new courtyard between the existing conference centre, and new bedroom extension and the rationalisation of existing car parking arrangements.

LEGIBILITY AND VISUAL AMENITY   The proposal looks to improve the legibility and visual amenity of the hotel grounds and create a series of coherent spaces that function both individually and as part of a wider network.