Role        Landscape Master Planners
Client      PCRL
Year        2016
Status     In planning


THE PROPOSAL   With planned development of major film studios, the proposed master plan looks to re-imagine Purfleet; through a vibrant and creative town centre; active river frontage; neighbourhoods of strong heritage character and extensive open space network. 

LANDSCAPE STRATEGIES   A number of strategies were developed, focusing on aspects such as circulation, play, character, blue infrastructure. The master planning process also called for a specific, sensitive assessment of the sites ecology. In consultation with Buglife and RSPB, an ecological strategy was developed that not only meets mitigation requirements, but draws on the sites historic and proximate ecological context to create a rich, biodiverse green infrastructure throughout the site.

FURTHER APPLICATIONS   As well as an Outline Planning Application, Sub-framework and Detailed Planning applications have also been submitted. The development of these required a detailed resolution of the overarching themes of the master plan at an intimate scale, through aspects such as materiality and plant communities.