Role             Landscape Architects
Architect     BPTW Architecture
Client          Loncor Homes Ltd


VISION   To create a distinctive, vivid and thriving scheme for the enjoyment and benefit of the local residents. 

OASIS   The landscape scheme is designed to be in direct contrast to the surrounding urban context and offer relief from the busy nature of London’s Streets. 

FLUVIAL SYSTEMS   The design draws on the effect of fluvial systems, shaping and creating landscapes, as a narrative. Landscapes that are formed by high energy water systems have a distinct typology. This proposal draws on this as a conceptual approach for the entrance to the site. Landscapes that are formed by low energy water systems also have a distinct typology, forming sinuous lines and gentle topographical features and terraces. This was used as inspiration for the fluid mounds and shapes found in the communal central courtyard space.