Role                                Landscape Architects
Architect                        Daria Wong Associates
Client                             Redrow Homes
Urban Designer             NLP
Planning Consultant      Planning Potential
Status                            In planning


INDUSTRIAL HILL SIDE  ExA were commissioned by Redrow to develop landscape information to discharge Planning Conditions and form a Reserved Matters submission for a new 640 unit residential development at Napier Park, Luton.  ExA worked with the team to develop sensitive and considered landscape approaches to turn this once industrial hill side location into a vibrant and exciting place for people to live.

LANDSCAPE STRATEGIES  The proposal includes a robust, interconnected Green Infrastructure network, providing a green backdrop to the development.  Strategies for play and recreation seek to encourage healthy life choices and create a platform for community socialisation and interaction.

 INFORMED BY CONTEXT  The landscape concept drew upon the different characteristics of the site hill/valley location and used these to form spatial and scale approaches from forested valley floor to the meadow / park lands of upper terraces.  Surface car parks became ‘Urban forest parking spaces’ parks became ‘Glades’ and the significant views have been framed and articulated by careful planting strategies.