Competition        Placed second
Role                    Landscape Architects
Architect             Fletcher Priest
Client                  Ask Real Estate/Carillion Developments/Patrizia


SCOPE   Development of a new mixed use quarter on the edge of Manchester city centre. The proposal includes a new 6-acre public park and around 4 acres of new and re-developed public realm. Due to the site’s strategic location on the River Medlock, the rediscovery and redevelopment of the river corridor formed a key element within the design proposal.

APPROACH   The proposed masterplan seeks to integrate the development into its context and the surrounding city. North/south and east/west connections across the site are emphasised, and permeability across the city centre is increased. The design uses green and blue infrastructure to activate the public realm taking advantage of the site’s natural assets to establish a series of water gardens that capture runoff and direct it towards the river.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL PUBLIC REALM  There is a mixture of new squares, ‘front of house’ pedestrianised streets, traditional roads that follow major vehicle routes and servicing routes or ‘back of house’ areas within the masterplan. The public realm was designed to be multi-functional reflecting the mixed-use nature of the site and the 18-hour economy it will have to service.