Kensington Forum hotel

SCOPE The application for London’s first Garden Square this Century is an incredible responsibility and honour to be selected to involved in. The application was submitted in July 2018 for a 2,700 sq.m. London Garden Square designed by ExA.

APPROACH Working closely with the architect Ian Simpson (of Simpson Haugh & Partners), the Client, the wider community and the local authority to ensure that this 21st Century horticultural pleasure garden not only represents the local community but also takes a view of the future with regards plant selection and climate change. Working with the existing large mature Plane Trees the garden will sit beneath their very large canopies whereby the shrub layer of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, which range from 1.2 metres up to 3 metres in height, weave their way throughout the garden to create areas of privacy, depth of shade, backdrops for foliage and distinctive stem colours and forms and of course to create seasonal variation.

PLANTING The length of the garden runs north south, and is partly beneath the shade of the large existing London Plane Trees, with the aspect of the garden ranging from full sun to full shade. The rules that have been established to provide the maximum impact of all the flowering plants is to use the sunlight levels to determine plant location. Moving from north to south the plant colours start with blues around the canopy and seating area and then move through the colour spectrum to purples, dark reds, oranges into yellows and culminating with the whites in the deepest shaded areas along Courtfield Road.