Role       Landscape Architects & Master Planners
Client     Peterson Group
Status    Design Competition


SITE   The Great Northern site covers a large area of existing buildings and public realm in Manchester City Centre. Whilst rich in history its development over the years has resulted in a series of disjointed building blocks and a disconnected public realm. 

UNIQUE HERITAGE   Use the public realm to ‘stitch’ together the varied built forms to create a single, coherent and accessible ground plain, that celebrates the sites unique heritage through contemporary landscape interventions that celebrate key historic site features to create character, identity and point of differences to other city spaces.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL PUBLIC REALM   Create truly multi-functional external spaces that can respond to day, night and weekend use and form a vibrant and energise element within the city’s existing public realm network. A small number of common elements has been used to introduce a design language that identifies the public realm as part of Great Northern. Each of the spaces can respond easily to change and be reconfigured to accommodate a multitude of uses.