Role            Landscape Architect
Architect    3D Reid
Client         Meadow Residential
Status        In Planning


THE APPROACH The proposal looks to create a pleasant, active and habitual public realm space catering for a range of uses throughout the day and into the evening. The space supports an 18 hour economy with supporting play and recreational uses

MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT The proposal consists of two residential towers at 30 and 25 stories on either side of an arterial connecting road. Commercial use dominates the ground floor with entrances and a new childcare facility located in the southern block

REVITALISATION  The scheme looks to revitalise Pepper Street as a lively and active shared-surface streetscape, with a focus on pedestrian priority and integrated public use. The finalised proposal exceeds the required play allocation, and incorporates a larger public realm than what previously existed

TRANSITIONAL PARK  A new public park to the west of the site provides a strong transition through to the site, while supporting local ecology