Battersea Powerstation jetty

ROLE              Landscape and Public Realm Designers
CLIENT           Battersea Power Station Development Corporation
STATUS          Pre-construction
YEAR              2015

SCOPE  Exterior Architecture Ltd. (ExA) were part of a successful team to win first place for the redesign of the Jetty at one of London most iconic locations, Battersea Power Station.

JETTY CRANES  ExA lead the public realm strategy that involved utilising the existing Jetty Cranes as a means to animate public space. This involved creating an outdoor cinema/theater and the provision of an expanded bridge onto the Jetty that could accommodate an audience, create a place to relax and take in the edge of Thames setting.

TESSELLATED SPACES  The design utilised timber for seating and walking surfaces and the tessellated form denoted places of rest and relaxation and passage onto the Jetty’s other amenities.