altair, altrincham

Role           Landscape Architects
Client         Nikal
Year           2017
Status        Planning

MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT  Altair is a mixed use development within Altrincham town centre consisting of an ice rink, restaurants, bars, a leisure centre, offices and residential development. ExA were commissioned to create a vision for the public realm that unifies the different building forms and encourages movements through the centre of the scheme.

ALTAIR STAR  ExA’s concept is based around the star Altair, one of the brightest stars in the night sky and the brightest in the constellation of Aquila and part of the ‘Summer Triangle’. The concept for Altair is to create the nights sky across the ground plane, developing a paving pattern that uses shapes inspired by Altair, constellations and star maps. The public are drawn into the space through the paving pattern inspired by this concept. Items of site furniture are extruded from the paving pattern, using the shapes to create a series of dynamic high quality benches and planters. Reflecting Altair’s brightest star from the ground plane is a suspended sculpture. The sculpture sits between two buildings at the central point of the site and is visible from the adjacent railway bridge, acting as a point of reference from outside and as a unifying feature within the site. 

PUBLIC REALM  The public realm is made up a series of connected spaces. A wide north facing plaza consisting of high quality materials and bespoke external furniture components and large Sweet Gum trees. Leading from the plaza is the linear avenue space consisting of bespoke raised planters and seating clusters.