The site forms part of a the historic Wergs Hall Estate and the existing landscape benefits from having a number of historic features, such as an old avenue of trees that formed the approach to the house (The Drive), and areas of woodland within the site boundary. Exterior Architecture in association with SCARP, was appointed by Dignity PLC to provide LVIA and landscape design services to this detailed planning application with help from EA. Preservation and enhancement of historic elements was critical whilst introducing a range of contemporary landscape features to meet the needs of crematorium visitors. Aa greater sense of arrival. With the site an open parkland character is retain with the use of spiral tree planting and pathways to connect the site together.  The historic ‘Drive’ is to be reinvented as a memorial avenue with timber and stone gabion gateways and thresholds. Within the Adjacent Brick Kiln Covent (woodland) a path network leads visitors past a range of memorial spaces within a woodland setting. The building is cleverly integrated into the landscape and the key views from the Chapel, along a carefully constructed view corridor into the forest, reinforce the quality of this setting.