Harwell Campus proud home of ESA + British Astronaut

Today saw the first British Astronaut set off for the International Space Station. Tim Peake is a astronaut of the European Space Agency, based at Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire. He will accompany a Russian Commander with another American astronaut. The first Briton is space was the chemist Helen Sharman OBE in 1989, but Peake will be the first publicly funded astronaut to visit the International Space Station.

Exterior Architecture work with Harwell Campus on Landscape issues, to create a sustainable, cutting-edge campus for the scientists and researchers that work there, whilst protecting and enhancing the landscape of the North Wessex Downs AONB which it sits within. A Landscape Framework Plan has been created by EA, which produced strategies for open spaces at the site, considering tree and habitat conservation, whilst creating active and passive social spaces for researchers to share ideas or practice Mars landings!

Harwell is home to over 200 science, technology and research companies, including the UK's synchrotron facility, The European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications,  ESA and the UK Space Agency.